Native Newbies Start Here!

We’re pleased to be able to share Doug Tallamy’s article, “Gardening for Life.” It’s a wonderful introduction to the basic concepts of native gardening, and we recommend you read it, especially if you haven’t yet read Dr. Tallamy’s books. (Remember to share it with your friends too!) We’re so grateful for his years of research on native plants and their essential role in the ecosystem, and for generously allowing us to share his work here.

OR, if you’re one of those people who learns better by watching than reading, you’ll want to watch this video that was recorded on July 10, 2020, when Dr. Tallamy presented a program for Wild Ones based on his new book, Nature’s Best Hope. This program is a great way to introduce your friends to the concept of native plants, and help them understand why we keep telling them to start growing natives! Here’s the link:

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