Understanding & Choosing Native Plants

The National Wildlife Federation has prepared a list of Keystone Native Plants for Ecoregion 8 – Eastern Temperate Forests. Check the list to learn about which plants support the larvae of butterflies and moths, as well as which ones support native bees.

Local Genotypes

The Local Ecotype Committee of national Wild Ones has prepared this document to explain the importance of local genotypes when planning your garden. We provide it here so it can help you understand the terminology and determine your personal guidelines.

Click the image to download the full two-page document

Plant lists for specific conditions:

Below are some recommended plants for various types of growing conditions in the Oak Openings region. These lists are meant to be a starting point for you to plan your native garden, but keep in mind that many native plants are quite adaptable and may thrive in conditions slightly different than those shown here.

Native Plants by Growing Requirements - by Kate M-W
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