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2018 Year in Review Slideshow (click the image below):

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2018 Landscape Award Winners

Public Agency category:

University of Toledo’s “Greening UT Through Service Learning”

ut prairie v1

ut prairie v2

ut prairie v3

Business category: Owens-Illinois

owens-illinois prairie v1

owens-illinois prairie v2

owens-illinois prairie v3

Residential category winner: Paul Russeau of Monroe, Michigan

paul russeau garden v1

paul russeau garden v2

paul russeau garden v3

Residential honorable mention: Becky Croke

becky croke garden v1

becky croke garden v2

becky croke garden v3

Residential honorable mention: Peggy Daly-Masternak

peggy daly-masternak garden v1

peggy daly-masternak garden v2

peggy daly-masternak garden v3