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Have you ever missed a Wild Ones program because you forgot to put it on your calendar? Then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a simple, fail-proof way to make sure these events show up on your calendar. Just follow the instructions below to subscribe. And if we make changes to any events, those will automatically update on your calendar as well. Easy peasy!


Important note before you begin: Regardless of the device you are using, the following applies:  Do not click on the URL provided in the instructions below. Doing so might download our events into your calendar as static entries, and you won’t receive any additions, changes, or deletions.

Once you’ve completed the instructions, be patient. It may take a while (sometimes seconds, sometimes hours) before our events show up in your calendar.  Closing your calendar and re-opening it will often cause it to download/refresh right away.  Be sure to check the calendar entry for your event before leaving home in case there have been any changes or it has been cancelled.

For iPhones or other iOS devices:

Go to Settings/Mail/Contacts/Calendars/Add Account/Other/Add Subscribed Calendar. Then, enter or paste this address: “”. If it has a prompt about a secure connection or SSL, click “yes.” Then click “done.”

 For Android devices: 

These first steps must be completed in your browser.  Log into the Gmail account associated with your Android device and select the calendar app. In the left column, click on the drop-down arrow on the right of the “other calendars” and select “add a friend’s calendar.”  In the window that pops up, type or paste “” and click “add.”  If it has a prompt about a secure connection or SSL, click “yes.” Our events should now show on your Google calendar.

Then, on your Android phone or tablet go to your Google calendar app (download it from Google if you haven’t already—this isn’t the built-in calendar app on your device). Inside the Google calendar app, tap the icon just to the left of the “more” key and then choose “settings.” Tap “display,” and then select the “wildonesoakopeningsregion” calendar and hit “done.”

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