Program Archive

During the pandemic, some of our virtual programs are being made available in this archive. We hope you enjoy them!

Marine Debris in the Great Lakes

NOTE: Watch the program on our Google drive, here.

Native, Exotic, Invasive & Aggressive Plants: What are they and why does it matter?

This program on October 13, 2020 was not recorded, but we’re providing contact information for Shannon Trimboli in case you want to ask her any questions about the program.


Shannon’s websites: and

The Bombus Among Us, by Heather Holm

NOTE: This program was hosted by Wild Ones on September 25, 2020. You can watch the recording on YouTube, here.

Heather Holm is the author of Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide and Pollinators of Native Plants, and is the vice president of the Wild Ones Prairie Edge Chapter (MN). In her program, about these charismatic pollinators, she illustrates the bumble bee life cycle through the growing season and the importance of selecting the right native plants to meet the nutritional needs of the queens, workers, and males. Learn more about their habitat, the impacts on populations from climate change and common upper Midwestern and Eastern bumble bee species. She also features rare species in decline, including the federally endangered rusty patched bumble bee.


Wild Ones Presents “Nature’s Best Hope,” by Dr. Doug Tallamy

Wild Ones Honorary Director Dr. Doug Tallamy recently presented a program for Wild Ones based on his new book, Nature’s Best Hope. This program is a great way to introduce your friends to the concept of native plants, and help them understand why we keep telling them to start growing natives!

NOTE: This event was live on July 10, 2020. You can watch the recording of this program on YouTube, here.


The Hidden World Beneath Your Plant’s Feet

roots in a vase by Gayle Trautman on Flickr


Mike Weintraub, Professor of Soil Ecology at the University of Toledo, talked to us about the important relationship between plants and soil.

NOTE: This event was live on July 16, 2020. You can watch the recording of this program on our Google drive, here.


A Sportsman’s Track to Conservation

Join us for a virtual program with Patrick Hogan, Vice President of Tomahawk Archers Club and winner of the 2019 Wild Ones Landscape Award and the 2020 GRI Conservation Partnership Award. As he is interviewed by Ashlee Decker of the Green Ribbon Initiative, Patrick shares how his passion for hunting led him to dive deep into the world of ecological conservation and community organization. See footage of the archery club and the diversity of plants that now inhabit the grounds after years of restoration work.

NOTE: This event was live on September 15, 2020. You can watch the recording of this program on our Google drive, here.